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Do you ever dream of waking up with flawless skin? Especially on a day you are late for work and there’s no time for dab dab dab routine.

We have some good news for you!

Waking up with clean and supple skin is achievable, if you are willing to follow a few simple steps. As we fall into deep slumber, our skin works overtime to repair and regenerate itself.

So, here’s how you can assist your body with its natural process.

  1. Remove All That Make Up

This is fundamental and we suggest you get to it as soon as you arrive home. Although you may not realize, we put on our make up at the beginning of the day and it sits on our face throughout for at least 8 hours. Not properly cleansing it off before going to sleep can result in major breakouts and will even dash the aging process of your skin. Most make up products we use are water resistant therefore just a rinse will not support the cause.

If you have normal to dry (sensitive) skin one great product we suggest is the NEW MICELLAR WATER by LOREAL PARIS. Made with purified water through an advanced purification process, it removes make up and all other impurities.

  1. Exfoliate

Although some do recommend that we exfoliate on a daily basis, we think twice or thrice a week would suffice. Usually exfoliation process involves scrubbing away dead skin cells therefore doing it regularly could make your skin wrinkly.

Try the GARNIER PURE ACTIVE FRUIT ENERGY SCRUB with Grapefruit, Pomegranate, Vitamin C and Salicylic acid for bright and youthful looking skin.

Having said that, now there are face scrubs that are meant for daily use. If you are someone that spends a lot of time outdoors or exposed to bad environmental conditions and you could consider exfoliating every night, the CLEAN & CLEAR EXFOLIATING DAILY WASH could be a good choice as it is enriched with gentle micro-beads that could effectively remove dirt, oil and dead skin cells leaving your skin beautifully smooth and clear.

  • Rinse Your Face

If you are wondering why we are stating the obvious, it is because many of us don’t pay much attention to this step.

Use a facewash or a cleansing milk that suits your skin and clean your skin once you’ve removed all that make up. There are different forms of facial cleansers and we could easily get confused and include the wrong product in our routine.

If you have dry skin consider using a moisturizing cleanser (lotion, foam or milk cleanser) and if your skin is prone to breakouts look for something that contains salicylic acid preferably in gel form.

We love NEUTROGENA VISIBLY CLEAR PORE AND SHINE DAILY WASH as it un-clogs pores & mattify skin, and there is also NEUTROGENA VISIBLY CLEAR PINK GRAPEFRUIT FACIAL WASH which aids in spots and blackhead elimination. 

  1. Moisturize

Find a good quality moisturizer that addresses your skin issues. Make sure you get yourself a night time and a day time moisturizer as this separation is important. Understandably good quality products don’t come cheap, but do not compromise the quality of the products you put on your skin because of a difference of few hundred bucks. Use about half a teaspoon of product and gently massage it to your face and neck.

You could even use a night oil like the ARGAN OIL NIGHT REPAIR SERUM which will aid in boosting your skins natural ability to bounce back from all the daily stresses, humidity and pollution.

  1. Restful Sleep

Finally, it comes down to getting some restful sleep. Eight hours of sleep although recommended can be difficult to achieve. We hustle through the day juggling work and our personal lives, watching some Netflix or reading a book is something we would like to do in the night. Some days we might even have work to attend to even after getting home. So, going to bed early is quite impractical – we understand. Try to get at least six hours of deep sleep. Put away your devices and drink a good glass of water before you hit the sack.

Don't we all love to wake up every day looking bright and fresh?! Learn how to set aside fifteen minutes each night to follow these five simple steps and you will wake up with clear and glowing skin every morning.

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