Best Baby Care Products at an Affordable Price Range

Selecting products for baby skin care is made easy with a range of quality brands at affordable prices. Kids oils and lotions in Sri Lanka are not limited to local brands with the inclusion of global brands such as Aveeno, Dove Baby, Caribbean Breeze renowned for their excellent quality. offers you the best for your baby at competitive prices to ensure you’ve got a better choice.

A Fine Selection of Kids Lotions and Oils

If you are looking for the most caring kids’s lotions and oils, stocks a variety of international brands that are well suited for a baby’s sensitive skin. Not weighing too hard on your wallet, provides you the convenience of home delivery islandwide to prevent you from the hassle of going from shop to shop looking for the ideal product for your baby.

What are the products you should include in a kid’s skin care regimen?

Beginning from baby soaps and body washes, baby lotions, baby oil and baby powder are best for a kid’s skin care routine. Baby soaps are considered a mild cleansing agent on kids and can avoid particular skin irritations, baby lotion is needed to hydrate the kid’s skin, baby oil is an excellent massage agent, and baby powder can avoid friction rashes on your kid.

Why do you need to use a good lotion for your child’s skin?

It is best that natural ingredients are at a higher ratio in lotions so that the chemicals in them are less likely to cause skin irritation. Lotions hydrate the kid’s skin and protect the skin from dry rashes and impurities as the sensitive skin of a child is more prone to infections than an adult’s due to their building immunity systems.

What ingredients should I look for when buying kids oil and lotions?

Look for phthalate and paraben free products when buying skin care products for your child’s skin as these chemicals are harmful to the skin in the long run. Additionally, hypoallergenic products are less likely to cause allergic reactions but are not gentler on the skin in comparison to other products. Further, check for natural ingredients that your kid is not allergic to when choosing skin care products as the high content of natural ingredients can reduce the chances of skin complications later on.

What are the most suitable kids oils and lotions for your child?

The best suited kids’ oils and lotions are:

  • Cerave Baby Hydrating Sunscreen
  • Aveeno Baby Daily Barrier Cream
  • Dove Baby Sensitive Moisture Fragrance Free Lotion
  • Aveeno Baby Soothing Hydration Creamy Oil
  • Johnson’s Baby Oil