Nourishing treatments and oils at an affordable price

Keeping your hair and skin healthy is incomplete with only healthy food and exercise; the products you use to nourish are equally important. Treatments and oils made with organic ingredients are able to enrich your hair and skin, making you look refreshed and glowing. offers a wide range of treatments and oils that complement your hair and skin using natural products including Argan Oil. Treatments and oils are offered at an affordable price range albeit being international brands.

Explore a wide range of treatments and oils

We specialize in offering variety, therefore treatments and oils consist of the Argan Oil range applicable for both hair and body, Vatika Coconut and Olive Hair Oils that are recommended for hair volume and growth, Frella Oils that include vital essential oils for both hair and skin, Dr. Rashel’s Treatments and oil enriched with healthy ingredients to make you glow and more.

Why purchase from offers you the best from all around the world while going easy on your wallet. The treatments and oils offered are dermatologically recommended, devoid of animal cruelty and made with organic ingredients. could be your one-stop go-to for beauty and self care products with convenient island-wide delivery.

Benefits of treatments and oils for hair, skin, nails etc

Use of treatments and oils on skin is known to be a long lasting moisturizer, provide protection from harmful chemicals that are used in other skin care products, treat fungal and bacterial infections and soothe sensitive skin. On hair, treatments and oils enhance hair volume, reduce hairfall and encourage hair growth.

What are the products you should include in a good skin care routine?

Use of Argan and coconut based products are dermatologically recommended on any skin type. Therefore, Argan oil is an essential element of a good skin care routine. Olive oil, coconut oil and shea butter based products enhance your skin age and acts as a natural moisturizer eliminating the need for separate moisturizers.

What ingredients should you look for when purchasing treatments and oils?

Argan, coconut, rosehip, jojoba and lavender are known to be vital ingredients in looking for the perfect treatment or oil. These ingredients add nourishment to both hair and skin. Alternatively, chia seeds, olive, peppermint and cinnamon too are widely acknowledged for the benefits they bring to oils.