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Priyanka Chopra, perfectly sums up one of the biggest issues in the beauty world.

"Everyone in America wants to get a tan, and everyone in Asia wants to get their skin lightened…”

Notice how even in Sri Lanka, lighter skin is deemed as something one must strive to achieve. Colorism has prevailed in South Asian communities for decades. Prejudice against darker tones continue to this day compelling us to sort after products that works against our natural biology; to attain the standards the society has set for us.

It is human nature to long for what’s on the other side but we must know where the line has to be drawn. It can be assumed this notion began when some of those who laboured in the scorching sun; day and night, developed more melanin in their skin while those who could afford help remained indoors unaffected. This only worsened with the European colonization; as lighter skin was predominantly associated with the affluent class and eventually was considered more desirable.

Constant comparison to those with lighter skin tones should stop because it sets a benchmark that is difficult to achieve without causing harm. Even worse is the psychological effect it has on yourself confidence, often feeling inadequate and unaccepted.

Before delving further, let us tell you why you should feel lucky to be sun kissed? As you may already know, more melanin you have, darker your skin tone will be. There is no reason to have any hard feelings! Melanin is your biological umbrella against harmful radiation that cause damage to your skin; even to the extent of skin cancers. It is in fact it is of great benefit to us given that we are so close to the equator.

 Be glad that you can stay on the beach a little longer even on a sunny day without any blisters and sunburn as opposed to your friends and family with much lighter skin tones. (we do recommend you use a sunscreen)

Being in the business of beauty and cosmetics, we are not here to suggest you refrain from using any beauty products (that’s your own prerogative) but rather to shed some light on how to be comfortable in your own skin – literally and figuratively.

Give a deaf ear to the society and define beauty in your own words.

There are many skin problems that call for a cosmetic or medical solution but dark skin tone, isn’t one of them. Beautiful skin can come in any shade. Just look at those who flaunt their dusky skin, challenging social norms and ideals. Understand how they accentuate the brown.

Color doesn’t define beauty; sun kissed or not. It is the quality of your skin. It is in fact the simple acts of nurturing and caring can results in a supple skin.

Naturally radiant skin starts from inside out.

Start with the simplest step on consuming more water to keep your skin hydrated. Truthfully, that is our number one tip for you – do yourself a favor and drink more water! Then direct your attention to your diet. In other words, just take a good look at your plate - what you eat is as important as what you apply.

There are elements of your skin that needs nourishment from within. Avoid highly processed food and take up healthy alternatives. Adapt a habit of starting your morning with a smoothie and try to eat five servings of fruits and vegetables during the day.

One of the most important factor to consider is what you put on your skin. When you use cosmetic products – read labels. Use products that cater to your skin type not tone. It is detrimental to avoid counterfeit or dupe products at all cost; as it could have lasting negative impacts on your skin.

Celebrate and nurture your skin. Always remember it deserves the best.

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