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Mama Earth Moisture Matte Longstay Lipstick With Avacado Oil & Vitamin E 2ml

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 Seren London Vegan Shine/Matte Lipstick in Sri Lanka
Seren London Vegan Matte Lipstick 401 Pink Bliss in Sri Lanka

Seren London Vegan Shine/Matte Lipstick


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Lipstick Price Online in Sri Lanka

No makeup is complete without a touch of color to your lips! It could be a subtle matte finish, a nude lip gloss, or even a bright and luscious red or pink lipstick. Lips are a sensitive part of your face and have to be treated with care. brings to you some trusted lipsticks Sri Lanka from brands such as Maybelline, Loreal, MaxFactor, Revlon and Seren London. We also offer a variety in terms of lipstick colors so you can choose one that suits your look best.

Which brand is best for lipstick?

Popular fashion magazines have chosen MAC, Revlon, Maybelline, NYX, Loreal, Seren London, Burberyy, MaxFactor and a few other brands as the best ones for lipsticks. Most of these international brands are available in Sri Lanka at so get shopping with lipsticks online now!

What are the types of lipstick?

  • Sheer or satin – gives your lips a soft feel and hydrated appearance, ideal for no makeup days.
  • Creamy – hydrates like a satin lipstick but gives the look of a matte lipstick.
  • Matte – has intense pigmentation and will stay on for much longer, giving your lips a flat matte finish.
  • Lip stains or tints – gives your lips a flush of color without a real sensation of having put on a lipstick. These have a super long staying power and intense pigmentation.
  • Glossy – gives your lips a wet, glass-like finish and comes in light to medium opacity levels. Can be layered on other lipsticks to give dimension and shine.
  • Frosted or metallic – reflects light, makes your lips sparkle, giving them a plump and fuller look.
  • Lip balm (tinted) – ideal for dry and chapped lips.
  • Lip liner – used to define the outline of your lips and make them sharper.

Can we apply lipstick daily?

Even if you are a simple, no makeup kind of girl, a touch of lipstick every day can really enhance the look on your face. There is no harm in wearing lipstick on a daily basis, as long as you make sure you don’t keep licking your lips and intaking the ingredients of your lipstick. Accumulation of these over a long period of time can do damage to your system.

Is lipstick good for lips?

Lipsticks form a protective barrier for your lips and can actually protect them from external elements such as the cold and wind. Also, if your lips were already damaged, the right kind of lipstick can help repair them. In the end, it is all about choosing the right lipsticks online.