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Nail Polish

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Silcare Base One UV Gel Builder

from Rs1,100.00

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Silcare Garden of Color - Colored Acrylic Powder - 4g


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Silcare Nail Acrylic Liquid Long Action - 120ml
Silcare Nail Acrylic Liquid Long Action - 50ml

Silcare Nail Acrylic Liquid Long Action - 50ml


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Seren London Gel Nail Polish


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20 colors
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Seren London Vegan Nail Polish in Sri Lanka

Seren London Vegan Nail Polish

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from Rs950.00

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43 colors
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Nail Polish Online in Sri Lanka

Complete the manicure look on your nails with an elegant nail polish color that matches your personality or outfit. Women in Sri Lanka are generally fond of wearing nail polish for a sophisticated look. Whether it is for work, meetings, tea parties, clubs, weddings, or fine dining, dressing up includes sparing a few minutes for a coat of nail polish. So, if you’ve run out of nail polish or are looking for a new color to try, simply browse through the website and order your nail polish online in Sri Lanka.

Types of nail polish available online

  1. Basic: comes in a variety of finishes from natural to matte to holographic.
  2. Gel polish: long lasting and is usually used for nail shape extensions.
  3. Acrylic: made from a combination of liquid and powder. As the acrylic formula dries, it hardens and can be filed into any shape, and can also be used as nail extensions.
  4. Breathable nail polish: allows oxygen and water to pass through your polish, giving your nails a chance to breathe.
  5. Polygel: a hybrid between acrylic and gel polish – a gel like consistency applied on bare nails and cured using UV or LED light. Essentially designed to make a manicure look flawless.

Nailpolish FAQs

  • Is it OK to wear nail polish?
    As long as you are using one of the branded nail polish Sri Lanka purchased from, it won’t harm your nails. We make sure to only offer high quality products to our customers; therefore, our nail polish online range does not have the harsh ingredients that can damage your nails.
  • Is it bad to wear nail polish on toenails all the time?
    Keeping the same nail polish on your toes all the time may not allow breathing space for your toe nails and can cause fungus. recommends that you remove your nail polish after a maximum of two weeks, give your toe nails a few days to breathe and then paint them with another nail polish. For best results, we advise to invest in high quality nail polish brands that do not use harmful chemicals. Most nail polish price varies depending on brand and quality. Hence it is better to do your research on the ingredients of each brand before you buy your nail polish online.
  • Should nail polish match your fingers and toenails?
    This was a guideline regularly followed by women back in the day. But today, a more modern approach is followed by most women. believes you should make your fingers and toenails look more modern with intricate nail art on your fingers and the same base coat on your toenails.