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Are you done with using hundreds of products that claim to tame your curls? 

Do you promise yourself every time you are at the salon for a rebonding or straightening – this is the last time?! (but find yourself perched on that chair again and again, almost every 6-8 months?) 

Curly hair is beautiful and unique. It must be understood and loved for what it really is – bouncy loops that thirst for moisture and care. When we say curly hair, we refer to all those variations between more than wavy to super curly

Although most of us have been following a general haircare regime despite the curly texture of our hair, it probably has done more damage over time, than good. So, if you think you belong to this category of fizziness that needs some TLC - we’ve got a few simple steps for you! 

Let’s start with the routine for shampooing and conditioning: 

  • Avoid shampooing your curly hair regularly 

Although the frequency you shampoo your hair is really a personal preference, doing so too frequently, can remove natural oils from your scalp; resulting in dry and frizzy hair. Unless you are someone who works out (and sweats a lot) every day or live in a high humidity demographic – try to stick to every other day or even once every three days. It is important to understand your hair type and texture. 

Curly hair is always craving for moisture and imagine ripping that off every single day? We say - rethink this routine. 

  • Adopt the habit of pre-shampooing 

Cleansing your hair is important to remove all dirt and allow hair growth. The shampooing process can damage your tousles, unless it is detangled before you hit the shower. We see many girls with natural waves now starting to adapt the pre-shampoo routine.  

Pre-shampooing is a fancy term for a process we were compelled to follow when we were kids. Do you remember our moms applying coconut oil on our head and letting it rest for about an hour or two before rising it off? 

Here’s how to pre- shampoo: 

  • Divide your hair into smaller sections.
  • Apply the conditioner or moisturizing oil – starting from the tangled strands to the scalp.
  • Using your finger slowly detangle the tousled hair.
  • Wear a shower cap and let it sit for at least 20 minutes.


  • Condition more frequently 

Just as shampoo is meant to remove dirt from your scalp, conditioner is meant to restore the health of your hair. In other words, it quenches the thirst of your curls. If you have super curly hair, you could rinse your hair with just water and apply some conditioner to the strands. 

Yes! Even on days you don’t shampoo, you can still condition your hair. By hydrating your strands, it will prevent split ends and intensify the natural luster of your locks. 

Once you have established a healthy shampooing and conditioning routine that is ideal for your hair type the next step is choosing your products wisely. 

  • Sulphate free products work best with curly hair, as it doesn’t rip off the natural oils that result in dryness.
  • Always remember to read labels for ingredients and use genuine quality products.
  • Rely on personal recommendations and reviews when choosing your hair products instead of being swayed by fancy packaging and commercials.
  • Choose styling product that contain water as the first ingredient. 

Finally, some dos and don’t for your curly hair would be: 

  • Use a wide tooth comb or your finger to detangle
  • Comb your hair while you are still in the shower
  • If you opt for hot water showers, try going lukewarm instead of too hot
  • Use a micro fiber towel to dry your locks
  • If you must use a diffuser, set it on a low heat or cool setting
  • Lay off heat styling (ironing and blow drying) as much as possible 

By following these simple steps, you will be able to flaunt your well-defined frizz free mane every single day – starting now! Soon enough you will be sharing these tips with your friends too… Well, if you have your own go-to tips on how to care for curly hair – we are all ears! 

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