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Pampers Fresh Clean Baby Wipes 52 pcs

Pampers Fresh Clean Baby Wipes 52 pcs


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Huggies Baby Wipes Natural Care with Aloe Vera  Wipes 56 Pc
Huggies All Over Clean Baby Wet Wipes 56 Pieces
Huggies Pure Baby Wipes Pack of 56

Huggies Pure Baby Wipes Pack of 56


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Diapers and Wipes Price Online in Sri Lanka

Are you about to welcome a new born baby into your home? Are you a busy parent juggling between work, household chores and parent chores? is here to make the task of purchasing diapers on time a convenient one. Wherever you are, just browse through our website and quickly select your preferred brand of baby diapers Sri Lanka, proceed to checkout and you will have your baby diapers & baby wipes delivered to your doorstep in a day or two.

When should I start buying baby wipes and diapers?

Baby wiper and diapers are a must-have from the day your baby is born and hence should be on your list of things to pack in your hospital bag. You can buy a stock of diapers a month or two before your baby is due or you could purchase baby diapers Sri Lanka just a week before your due date. It is advisable not to invest in a large stock of diapers initially because your baby’s size will keep changing and accordingly you have to purchase bigger diaper sizes. This is why is here to cater to your baby’s needs with popular brands such as Huggies, in different styles such as stick on and pull-up styles, all at affordable baby diaper prices.

Are baby wipes bad for diaper rash?

For infants, it is always advisable to go for trusted brands of baby wipes as their skin is very sensitive and prone to rashes. offers Aveeno baby wipes as a recommended product that will not worsen a diaper rash but will instead soothe your baby’s skin.

How often should you change a newborns diaper?

If there is no bowel movement, a newborn diaper can be changed after every 3-4 hours. However, if your baby poos, the diaper must be changed immediately; if not done, a rash can develop.

What size diapers do babies wear the longest?

Within the first year of your baby’s life, you will switch from newborn to small to medium sizes of diapers as your baby grows. From then on, until you have toilet trained your toddler, you will probably be purchasing only large and extra-large sizes, depending on your little one’s weight. Hence the large size of baby diapers (9-14kg) would most likely be the one that your baby will wear for the longest duration.