Women’s Health Care Products Price Online in Sri Lanka

With Essentials.lk, you can never be too busy for personal care! Whether you are at work, travelling to work, or just got a few minutes to rest on bed, simply browse through our website for hair removal products, sanitary napkins and other women’s health care related products, purchase what you need, and we will send it to you in a day or two.

How can women take care of their health?

  • Eating healthy is important if you want to stay healthy. Don’t overeat; increase your intake of fruits, vegetables and calcium.
  • Good sleep contributes to your long term physical and mental wellbeing. At least 8 hours is required to fuel up your mind and body to keep it running!
  • Keep walking throughout the day and give yourself an active life.
  • Tune up your body and give your mind some relaxation with yoga sessions.
  • Stay hydrated with 7-8 glasses of water every day.
  • Treat yourself to regular spa visits.
  • Regular health checkups and proper tests to monitor your overall health is very important.

What is the importance of women's health?

Women’s health is of particular importance because of their reproductive and sexual health needs. It is for this reason that women need to access the health care system more often than men. Women also have been diagnosed with other health issues related to cardiovascular, cancer, mental illness, osteoporosis and diabetes. Therefore, staying healthy and hygienic is very important for women to live a long life and achieve their goals. This is why Essentials.lk focuses on the most basic personal care needs for women and brings these to your doorstep.

What are the 7 personal hygiene tips for women?

  1. Wash your hands regularly – before and after eating, while handling food, and at regular intervals throughout your day.
  2. Pay attention to hidden areas when it shows. Waxing underarms and hair removal from other parts of your body is important.
  3. Use deodorant to avoid sweat smell coming from you.
  4. Don’t forget a regular ear cleaning routine to remove wax from your ears.
  5. Maintain good hygiene during your menstrual period. Regularly change sanitary napkins and underwear during that time of the month.
  6. Wash your innerwear after every wear because those tend to collect damp sweat smell the most and can irritate your skin if repeatedly worn.
  7. Change bedding regularly to avoid infections, breakouts and other kinds of rashes.