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Who wouldn’t want to feel clean and luxurious after a long, hard day of work? Explore our wide range of bath and shower products from your favourite brands! Feel the calming effects of the natural ingredients in your shower gel/shampoo/conditioner and rejuvenate yourself for a new day. Our collection consists of Argan, Dove, Frella, Nivea, St. Ives and more brands that reassure you of quality and reliability. Our bath and shower products are available for all skin and hair types consoling you from searching frantically for products that suit you.

Your favourite Bath and Shower products at affordable prices

Yes, bath and shower products are available in Sri Lanka, but the question remains: are they at reasonable prices? With Essentials.lk the prices are the least to worry. Recognized bath and shower products are at your fingertips for a competitive price. Baths from Dove, Palmolive, Nivea and shower products from Tresemme, Inectos and Argan Oil are available at affordable prices. Quality for quantity is assured at Essentials.lk.

Shop with Essentials.lk for your essentials

With recommended international brands, Essentials.lk offers a wide variety of bath and shower products online. Easy on the fingertips and on the wallet, the request for a favourite product is only a simple click away. Ethically, products sold by Essentials.lk are cruelty free and made of natural ingredients. Thus a customer is in safe and convenient care once an order is placed with Essentials.lk: the one-stop go-to for essentials.

Why is it important to choose the right product for your hair and skin type?

The skin type varies from person to person. It may be normal, oily or dry depending on the water levels in your body. It is the same with hair according to the nutrients absorbed by your hair roots. Bath and shower products are differentiated according to hair and skin types making it easier for you to select the product that suits you. It is vital to choose the product that fits you as the ingredients in the product formula cater to the type of skin or hair you have providing the necessary nourishment.

Benefits of body scrubs to your skin

Among the many benefits of body scrubs, there are 5 main benefits to convince you why body scrubs are good for you.

  1. Removal of dead skin cells - body scrubs go beyond the surface skin through exfoliation and reveal the smooth, glowing skin making you feel refreshed.
  2. Refreshed appearance to boost confidence - who wouldn’t feel confident with how fresh one looks? With dead cells, skin impurities are cleaned away with a body scrub refreshing your appearance.
  3. Enhances skin hydration - After a body scrub, your body is more receptive to moisturisers. It is important to moisturise your skin to keep it hydrated and fresh avoiding possible impurities from lack of hydration.
  4. Blemish clearance - With the removal of dead skin, impurities that clogs pores and retain scars can be cleared with body scrubs reducing the changes of body acne.
  5. Stress relief - the feeling of a clear skin and the comfort of a body scrub does wonders to the troubled mind. Body scrubs along with a facial, offer a sensational relief from stress after a long week of work.

Bath and Shower products for sensitive skin

Dermatologically, Dove and Argan oil brands are recommended for sensitive skin. Further, products that specifically mention sensitive skin are suitable for sensitive skin.