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7 Simple Tips to Empower your Nails

7 Simple Tips to Empower your Nails

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Nails, though often unattended, is an important feature adding to your overall appearance. Poor nails with damaged cuticles are a sign of poor hygiene and care.  Did you know that first impressions of people can also be formed by looking at your nails? If you have not paid much attention to your nail health, now is the time to do so!

First, it is important to understand the significance of fingernails on our hands.

  • Strengthening
    The tips of your fingernails ensures that your fingertips are one of the strongest parts of your hand. The toughness of fingernails makes performing everyday tasks easier and less risky to the rest of your hand.
  • Protection
    When a fingernail is strong, you are less prone to be infected by bacteria or viruses as they cannot enter with a hardened fingernail. When a fingernail is disrupted, it could be an entryway for infections.
  • Enhancing precise motor movements
    Fingernails enhance the ability for you to perform tasks such as separating pages on a book, or scratch your head. Fingernails could also be used to pick up items.
  • Sensation
    Nails are capable of enhancing your tactile sensations due to intricate network of nerves underneath the nail.

Understanding the functions of fingernails fortify the reasoning behind strengthening and take care of your nails.

Tip 1: Moisturize your nails

The power of moisturising has been previously discussed on our posts. The same is applicable to your nails. Dry and brittle nails may be a symptom of many other inherent problems, but ultimately it is a cry for moisture. Moisturise your nails while taking care of your hands with a hydrating hand lotion. The nails are refreshed and well coloured after a little moisturiser making you feel good too.

Tip 2: Stop harassing your cuticles

Some are in the habit of cutting, pushing back wrinkled cuticles or getting rid of them altogether, but it is important to know that cuticles play a major role in protecting your as it has been determined by dermatologists for being the “nail’s natural protective seal”. When a cuticle is injured, it can impact your nail bed and alter nail growth. Hence, make it a habit to apply some moisturiser or cuticle oil to your cuticles as a part of your daily beauty routine.

Tip 3: Avoid prolonged contact with water

Pay attention to the time you expose your bare nails to water. Just as wet hair, wet nails are most vulnerable to water resulting in brittleness, peeling or breakage. A nail is known to be like a sponge and far more absorbing than your skin. Try wearing gloves while doing dishes or other wet work so your nails don’t bear the brunt of water.

Tip 4: Be gentle

The best way to treat a nail is through gentleness. On instinct, you may want to clean your nail with the pointy end of another nail but this separates your nail from the nail plate allowing infections to enter and damage your skin. It is for the same reason that nails should not be replacement for tools.

Tip 5: Treat your nails like you treat your hair

Hair and nails are composed of keratin proteins therefore the same hair care rules apply for nails. Hair and nails can get damaged for being over-processed. Just as hydration improve dry hair and split ends, the same takes care of brittle and dry nails.

Tip 6: Rethink your products

Nail files: Instead of emery boards that result in tear of microscopic tears and peeling of nails, change to a glass or crystal nail file.

Nail polish remover: It is best to opt out of nail polish removers altogether, but as nail polish is a simple joy in life, try non-acetone removers that contain hydrating oils and ingredients like aloe vera or lavender.

Nail brush: Filers do more harm than good. Hence it is best to use a nail brush to gently brush of the dirt in your nails. To make it easier, and extra toothbrush could also do the job.

Tip 7: Have patience with your nails

Strong nail growth results in long nail growth. Therefore, healthy nail practices are important. Practice patience and good nail care to strengthen your nails and boost your nail health. If your nails are subjected to constant breakages, it is best to keep them clipped short until they regain strength. Once they have foundation to grown, your healthy nail care routine can ensure beautiful and natural nail growth.

Simple enough, but putting these tips into practice takes time and patience. Try adding these tips to your daily beauty routine and make it a habit so your nail care is as good as your hair and skin care for an all-round healthy appearance.

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