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5 Secrets To Make Your Perfume Last Longer

5 Secrets To Make Your Perfume Last Longer

Secrets To Make Your Perfume Last Longer

More often than not, our frustration on perfume lies on its questionable longevity. It is natural that you feel aggravated when your favourite perfume diminishes its fragrance long before you want it to. Here’s some food for thought: what if its usage that reduces the perfume’s longevity and not the product itself? Let’s explore some lesser-known facts about the ingredients in perfumes that enhance its durability and 5 secrets on how to make your favorite perfume last longer.

What makes a perfume last longer?

Perfumes are mostly alcohol based and tend to evaporate quickly. Hence, it is necessary to use an “anchor” ingredient to bind the ingredients together and slow the alcohol from evaporating. These ingredients are called fixatives. Fixatives form part of the base notes in perfumes and are mostly natural ingredients that own a lasting fragrance.

Most common base notes that assist in retaining a fragrance are:

  1. Oud
  2. Lavender
  3. Jasmine
  4. Orange blossom
  5. Cedarwood
  6. Sandalwood

The blend of these ingredients with other base notes alters the fragrance of a perfume.

Which secrets increase the longevity of a perfume?

1. Moisturize

Layering is the best-known method researched so far to increase the durability of a fragrance. Have you ever wondered why brands such as Victoria’s Secrets and Bath and Body Works produce body lotions, shower gels and hand lotions with the same fragrance as their perfumes? It is to ensure the fragrance of the perfume rests longer.
When your body is moisturized with the same scent as your perfume, the chances of your perfume lasting longer is high. Lotions add oiliness to your skin and oiliness is a key factor affecting the longevity of a perfume. What’s more? the same fragrance repeated with the shower gel, body lotion and perfume ensure the perfume lasts longer on your skin.
It doesn’t necessarily need to be a moisturizer with the same fragrance, applying some Vaseline before spritzing your perfume too can make your perfume last longer.

    2. Apply to pulse points

    The functionality of a perfume relies on body heat. Pulse points in your body are warmer as blood tends to pump closer to the surface of your skin. Hence ideal pulse points to apply perfumes are:
      • Wrists
      • Inside of your elbows
      • Behind your ears
      • Base of your throat
      • Either sides of your collar bones
      • Behind your knees
      Try changing your spritz locations and you’ll notice a considerable change of your perfume’s duration.

        3. Never rub

        Once applied, the perfume sticks to your skin. When the spritz points are rubbed against each other, the alcohol in your perfume tends to evaporate quicker and decrease the longevity of your perfume. Therefore, it is best to only spritz your perfume and let the magic happen on its own. 

          4. Store appropriately

          Heat, light and humidity are a perfume’s greatest enemies as the compounds of the perfume could break down resulting in a short-living perfume. To retain the original scent of the perfume and make it last longer, store it away from direct sunlight and out of the bathroom as the heat and humidity from showers can cause great harm to your perfume.

            5. Do not wear on clothes

            Perfumes are not meant to be worn on clothes. As mentioned before, perfumes activate based on body heat and spritzing on clothes does not provide accessibility to your pulse points. Hence, unless your perfume consists of allergens that may harm you, perfumes work best and longer on your bare skin.

              It is amazing what these slight changes can do to increase the power of fragrance. You can now flaunt your perfume without the fear of it reducing longevity and freshness that offers you a boost of confidence every time its worn. offers a wide range of perfumes from international brands that is sure to turn heads around in any audience and keep the smile on your face knowing the effect you create.

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