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6 Simple Steps to Perfect Your Eyeliner

6 Simple Steps to Perfect Your Eyeliner

 Frustrated with eyeliners? They can be nerve-racking specially when you are in a hurry to head-out and the eyeliner isn’t applied right. If you are a beginner to eyeliners, you may wonder why eyeliners never work for you. You simply haven’t found the right technique, is all. Researches prove everyone can get their eyeliner right with just a little patience, perseverance and practice. It’s time to get practicing!

1. Choosing your eyeliner

There are three main types of eyeliners available. Depending on your skill level and practice you can use any of them.

i. Pencil eyeliner – Pencil eyeliner is best suited for beginners as it is easier to steady your hand with the pencil. Similar to the eyebrow pencil, the eyeliner pencil offers you stability in confidently drawing your eyeliner. Pencil eyeliners boost a more natural and smudged look.

ii. Liquid eyeliner – Liquid liners are known for their convenience as they come in the shape of a pen or a small vial with a brush. The vial and brush may require practice for perfection but the pen is more comfortable for use if you are experienced with eyeliners. Liquid liners could offer less control than pencil eyeliners as the liquid could spread if it is not confidently applied. Sharper, more precise and smoother lines can be drawn with liquid liners.

iii. Gel eyeliner – With a thicker formula, gel eyeliners come in a pot with a small brush. Gel eyeliners are easier to control than liquid liners and best to be used after the pencil eyeliner strokes are more confident. For cat eyes, and wings, gel eyeliners are your go-to.

    2. Sharpen or dull your pencil liner

      The sharpness of your pencil eyeliner affects how your eyes look. Need a precise, thin line? Use a sharpened pencil. Going for a smudger, blunt look with thicker lines? Try dulling your pencil. Use an eyeliner pencil sharpener to sharpen the tip of your pencil or rub the sharp point against a tissue to make the tip blunt.

      Gel and liquid liners are simply usable with a shake of the eyeliner to evenly spread the content inside the vial.

      3. Prepare your pencil eyeliner

        If you want to make your pencil liner smooth in its application, ensure that it is in the right temperature. If the tip of your pencil liner seems hard and crumbly, warming might help to achieve a smoother application. If the tip is too soft, cooling might assist a more precise application.

        i. To warm the liner - turn on your hair dryer to the highest setting and aim it at your hair dryer for a few seconds which will soften it up to a gel like consistency. You can test the eyeliner on your wrist.

        ii. To cool the eyeliner – place your eyeliner in the freezer for about 10 minutes to prevent the pencil eyeliner from crumbling.

          4. Hold the outer corner of your eyelid

          Stretch the outer edge of your upper lash line outwards with your fingers so that your eyelid is taut. It will assist you draw a smooth, precise line along your upper lash line. Closing the eyelid as you pull your eyelid taut may help you. Rest your elbow on a table or a steady surface to allow more stability to your hand.

          5. Start at the inner corner and work towards the other end

            Begin lining the inner corner of your eyelid and more slowly towards the outer edge. Ensure you use shorter strokes to draw an even line. Keep the eyeline aligned towards your eyelashes so the strokes are balanced and straight.

            6. Consider tight lining for a more natural look

              Tight lining means applying eyeliner to the spaces between your eyelashes on the upper lid to create a more natural look. It will decrease the dramatic effect appearing more effortless.

              The gel and liquid liner can be applied with the same technique. As you get more confident with your pencil strokes, try moving to gel liners and ultimately to liquid eyeliners. offer a wide range of various eyeliners for you to choose from. Practice makes perfect, hence grab yours now and become a pro at applying eyeliner!

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