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Must-haves and Must-nots in Your Shampoo

Must-haves and Must-nots in Your Shampoo

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Being a part of the 21st century means running a constant rat race. Amidst a competitive lifestyle, choosing your hair care products can be a hassle. What is less known is that your choice of shampoo could have a larger impact on your health than you’d care to know. Ingredients in shampoos are scientifically known to have a deeper influence on your body than just your hair. It is the same reason why ingredients in shampoos are classified as must-haves and must-nots.

Must Haves

A shampoo is made with a formula that ranges between 10-30 ingredients including a cleansing agent to bring out the impurities and clean your scalp and hair. On medical recommendation, it is advisable to look for the following ingredients when you choose your shampoo.

  1. Cleansing agents

Cleansing agents are one of the primary ingredients in a shampoo. Be sure to look for sulphate-free cleansing agents such as, sarcosine, sulfosuccinates anionic detergents, betaines, sultaines and imidazolinium derivatives that are less harsh than sulphates and still fulfil the same duties. 

  1. Natural ingredients

Natural ingredients such as essential oils, fruit extracts, botanics, and certified organic ingredients are mild on the hair and skin and less likely to disrupt the pH balance and natural oils in your hair. It is recommended to select shampoos that include:

  1. Plant oils such as jojoba oil, geranium and argan oil
  2. Green tea
  3. Aloe
  4. Chamomile
  5. Coconut oil
  6. Organic honey
  7. Olive
  8. Essential oils such as lavender, peppermint and lemon

Essential oils provide nutrients to hair for different purposes such as hair growth, hair volume, retention of natural oils and hydration making them vital elements to be included in a shampoo. 

Must Nots

Not all of the ingredients in a shampoo are the best for your health. It is best to avoid the following ingredients when selecting your shampoo.

  1. Sulphates

Sulphates are commonly used as cleansing agents in a shampoo. However due to the harshness of its components, sulphates are prone to cause skin irritation, dryness and inflammation. Skin sensitivity could increase worsening conditions such as eczema. Sulphates could rid hair of its natural oils and cause dryness reducing the existing nutrients in hair. 

  1. Formaldehyde

Formaldehyde is commonly found in building materials and is a preservative in some consumer products. Contact allergy is a known problem of formaldehyde and it can also worsen skin conditions. A factor to beware of is that formaldehyde is a carcinogen and excessive consumption of formaldehyde can lead to cancers such as leukaemia, sinus and throat cancers. 

  1. Parabens

Fundamentally, parabens are preservatives used in preservatives to extend the life of cosmetics. Parabens have a characteristic of quick absorption resulting in skin issues causing redness, irritation, itchy skin, flaking and hives. Further, parabens may affect female hormone regulation and menstruation. Adding injury to insult, paraben absorption to breast cell tissues may lead to symptoms of breast cancer. 

  1. Hexachlorophene

Hexachlorophene is an antiseptic used in cosmetic products for its antibacterial qualities. It can cause eye and skin irritation, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhoea if swallowed. Alternatively, skin redness, dryness, skin swelling and sensitivity to light are possible symptoms of hexachlorophene contact. 

  1. Phthalates

Commonly considered as binding agents of cosmetics products, phthalates are widely harmful if the contact with skin has been long term. Phthalates are known to disrupt hormones and fertility, decrease sperm count and cause gestational diabetes. sells shampoo that are paraben and sulphate free also excluding other harmful chemicals for the benefit of your health.  It is wise to check the list of ingredients for these key words in your shampoo to ensure you are making the best choice for your hair and health in general. Your choices at offer you qualitative and healthy care, hence start shopping for the shampoo that speaks to you.

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