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The Best Times to Apply Moisturizer for Glowing Skin

The Best Times to Apply Moisturizer for Glowing Skin

Best times to apply moisturizer

In this busy world, we often overlook taking care of our skin. The simple practice of using a moisturizer will go a long way in nurturing and protecting your skin; leaving it soft and smooth, thus helping to maintain supple skin.

The best times to apply moisturizer to achieve glowing skin are listed below to help you get the optimal benefits moisturizer has to offer

Use Moisturizer Right After You Wash Your Face

Applying facial moisturizer right after washing your face is a good way to seal in moisture because your skin is naturally primed after being exposed to water, thus allowing it to absorb the optimal level of moisture needed to protect your face.

If your skin is repeatedly exposed to hard water, it may cause dry skin and may even exacerbate facial acne due to the moisture being pulled out from the surface of the skin. These can be avoided if you make it a practice to moisturize your face soon after washing it.

Layer on Moisturizer Before Bed

Moisturizer should play a vital role in your daily skin care routine. After you remove your makeup and perform your skin care routine, layer on a hydrating moisturizer to help replenish the layer of cells that has been exposed to the sun or harsh weather conditions.

Apply Moisturizer in the Morning

Applying moisturizing creams before you leave the house each morning or before going out in the sun is an extremely important practice to help prevent water loss and protect your skin against harmful UV rays. 

Selecting a moisturizer with SPF 30 is vital in protecting your exposed skin. Consult your dermatologist to find out which moisturizer and skin-care plan is most suited to your skin type.

Smooth on Moisturizer Pre- and Post-flight

Plane cabin air is known to be one of the most dehydrating experiences for our skin. 

To avoid water loss and dry skin, layer on moisturizer before the flight and use a hydrating face wash after the flight to get rid of any germs and follow up with moisturizer. Changes in altitude and weather have also been known to contribute to skin breakouts and other changes, therefore, moisturizing your skin well pre and post-flight will help maintain the softness and hydration of your skin.

Apply Moisturizer When You’re Breaking Out

Weather changes, hormonal imbalances, dietary changes and stress, or a combination of all may lead to breakouts. It is very important to moisturize when you’re breaking out to help the skin repair itself and be restored. Non Comedogenic and oil free moisturizers are helpful in preventing further breakouts and will help restore and balance the moisture in your skin. 

Put on Moisturizer When You Want to Skip Makeup

It’s important to ditch full-face makeup every now and then to let your skin breathe. Moisturizer will help you during these off days to protect your newly exposed skin and help your cells regenerate.

After Washing and Sanitizing Your Hands

Over-sanitizing causes hyper-pigmentation and dry skin of the hands and fingers. Overuse of certain soaps may cause dryness of palms, therefore, it is important to moisturizer after washing and sanitizing your hands to leave the skin on your hands soft and supple.

Moisturizer is the most simple, yet effective key ingredient in achieving healthy, glowing skin. Make sure to incorporate your favourite moisturizer into your daily skin care routine your skin will start to feel brand new in no time!

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