Women’s Vegan Products exclusively at Essentials.lk

Choose the responsible alternative for beauty and pick our vegan cosmetics selection. They are built of plant based ingredients and are cruelty free. Essentials.lk considers the best choices for you and offer international brands such as Seren London, Caribbean Breeze, Argan Oil etc., with a collection of women’s vegan products. Price ranges of all products are affordable and quality is of the highest.

Choose Vegan and Save the Environment

Vegan products are a healthy alternative to your usual cosmetics and produce best results on your skin as the ingredients used are entirely plant based. Shopping with Essentials.lk will support the environment, offer you best quality products for an affordable price and ensure convenience with islandwide delivery to your doorstep.

Why you should consider using vegan products

Vegan products are recommended as they are tested to save you from harmful chemicals and harsh cosmetics that may cause skin problems such as rashes, acne, allergies etc,. Further they are not tested on animal products and are cruelty free.

What kind of ingredients are included in vegan products?

Ingredients that are plant based such as lavender, citronella, coconut oil, rose oil, aloe vera etc are inclusive in a vegan product. If the ingredients listed in products mention beeswax, gelatin, honey, collagen, carmine, cholesterol, lanolin and more, those products are not vegan.

What are the best vegan brands?

Best vegan brands include and are not limited to:

  1. Dimension Nails
  2. Ecotools
  3. Biossance
  4. Seren London
  5. Summer Fridays
  6. Pacifica
  7. Argan Oil
  8. Bite Beauty
  9. Tower 28
  10. Caribbean Breeze

Where can I buy vegan products?

Women’s vegan products are exclusively available at Essentials.lk at your convenience. Further, they can be purchased by online retailers depending on the ingredients of the products and product brands.