The Ordinary Products Price Online in Sri Lanka

Focusing on advanced functional beauty, The Ordinary is a brand that brings about pioneering innovation in skin care. The Ordinary products prices are slightly higher than other brands because they use effective clinical technologies and are absolutely honest and genuine in communicating integrity in skincare. is now catering to that niche market which is interested in using effective and familiar technologies in beautifying themselves. You can browse from a range of The Ordinary Products Sri Lanka to find a suitable formula that caters to your needs.

Which are the best The Ordinary products? offers some of the best The Ordinary products online, including Vitamin C suspension, Organic Cold Pressed Rose Hip Oil, Natural Moisturizing Factors with HA, Niacinamide and Zinc formula, Alpha Aributin and HA formula, and a caffeine solution for eyes that you can use to beautify yourself organically.

How to Build a skincare routine with The Ordinary Products?

If you are new to the skincare routine, experts at The Ordinary recommend you start off with a basic one that includes a cleanser, moisturizer and an SPF formula.

  • Every morning, prep your skin for the day ahead. A cleanser will wash away the oil and dirt from your pores, leaving your skin fresh and clear. Apply and massage The Ordinary Squalene Cleanser gently on your face before rinsing it off.
  • Hydration is another essential step in your skincare routine. Use the Hyaluronic formula from The Ordinary as a hydrating serum to pat on your face, particularly in dry areas.
  • Eye serum is the next optional step if you have any special concerns regarding your eye area. The eyes are the first to show signs of aging due to the skin being so thin and delicate here. The Ordinary Caffeine Solution is advisable for reducing puffiness and pigmentation in your eye area.
  • The Niacinamide solution is an antioxidant that must be patted on your skin next. This protects your skin from environmental aggressors such as UV rays and pollution.
  • Moisturizer comes in next to keep your skin barrier strong and prevent dehydration. The Ordinary has created a light, creamy moisturizer that doesn’t clog your pores and must be massaged all over your face and neck.
  • Lastly, we have the SPF product that is very important in preventing long term damage and avoiding early aging of skin.

The night time routine from The Ordinary is very similar, except that there’s a treatment step which addresses specific breakouts and other concerns on your skin. And instead of SPF at the end, you can use the Plant-derived Squalene formula after the Natural Moisturizing Factors to avoid clogging pores and triggering sensitivity on your skin.

Which The Ordinary product is good for acne scars?

The Niacinamide and Zinc formula works best for lightening dark spots, acne scars and catering to an uneven skin tone.