Face Masks and Face Shield Price Online Sri Lanka

At essentials.lk, we offer a wide range of adult and kids face masks online, including disposable and reusable ones. We recommend the KN95 face mask with filters, and without filters, in black and white colors for adults. The main differentiator of KN95 masks is that they filter out small particles, are easily breathable and are reusable. We also have a kid’s range of KN95 masks at a lesser price, with creative child friendly prints on the mask.

Essentials.lk also advises the use of our surgical face masks that are made from non-woven fabric, reducing the chances of spreading air-borne diseases to others, and avoiding being infected with the virus yourself. A pack of 50 surgical face masks online for children and adults are available for as low as Rs. 970/-.

For the front-line workers and others who meet a lot of different people every day, Essentials.lk recommends the direct splash protection shield. We have packs of 5pcs available at just Rs. 975/-. Our high-quality face shields are designed to prevent any splatter, spray and flying debris from landing on your face. Tiny droplets such as dust, oil, smoke and other things will stay away from your face. The protection shields available at essentials.lk are made with a clear film elastic band and a comfort sponge, making it comfortable for both males and females to wear.

Why wear a face mask?

Face masks are a powerful tool to prevent the spread of the coronavirus pandemic that the whole world is challenged with today. When an infected person sneezes or coughs, tiny particles are sprayed into the atmosphere and can easily be absorbed into another person’s body. The second wave in Sri Lanka shows a virus strain that is more easily transmissible than the previous. This is why it is very important to wear a face mask in order to avoid these viral particles from entering your body. Wearing a face mask Sri Lanka is a part of the comprehensive safety approach in the country that also includes social distancing, avoiding crowds, cleaning hands, covering sneezes, and good ventilation.

How to use a face mask?

Make sure you clean your hands before you put on your mask, after you remove it from your face, and if you happen to touch it at any time while it is on your face. When you wear the face mask make sure it covers your nose, mouth and chin. Whenever a mask is removed – throw away a disposable one in the trash bin, wash it if it is a fabric mask, or store it in a clean plastic bag if it can be reused.