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Revlon products at affordable prices

Classified as one of the Top 10 Most Loyal Beauty Brands in the world, Revlon is among the first beauty brands in the world. Revlon is special because their products vary on a large range from cosmetics to hair care and skin care products. Despite being an international brand, Revlon product prices are within an affordable range, easily accumulating Revlon aficionados not only in Sri Lanka but all around the globe.

Authenticity re-affirmed

Different distributors sell Revlon products around Sri Lanka. However, assures authenticity and affordable prices for all Revlon products in addition to convenient all island doorstep delivery.

Is Revlon a good brand?

Revlon has been in the market of beauty products for nearly a century, world renowned for the quality of the products and reasonable pricing compared to other global beauty brands. Therefore Revlon has been recognised as a good brand.

Are Revlon products safe to use?

Multiple tests have been scientifically conducted to determine the safety of Revlon products over the years. Each test on all the product ranges have been deemed safe for usage by medical associations all around the world.

Where can I buy Revlon products from?

Revlon products could be bought at assigned Revlon sales agents in Sri Lanka, retail stores and online platforms. Why look anywhere else when the Revlon products you are searching for are accessible in one click at