Buy Neutrogena products online in Sri Lanka

Neutrogena Products in Sri Lanka can give your skin a radiant and glowing look. Before reaching the shelf, Neutrogena products go through rigorous quality checks to ensure stability, clinical efficacy and skin delivery, making their products extremely reliable. As the number one brand recommended by dermatologists, now brings to you Neutrogena products online. From facial cleansers to deep cleaning scrubs, to toners and day and night creams, we offer a variety at affordable Neutrogena product prices.

Are Neutrogena products good?

Neutrogena products are a favorite amongst many because they provide the perfect balance between proven efficacy with high quality results, reliability, and a luxury experience.

What Neutrogena products are dermatologist recommended?

Some of the Neutrogena products that dermatologists recommend are the wrinkle repair Retinol oil as well as the hydrating facial cleanser, hydro boost eye gel-cream, oil free makeup remover, and the ultra-sheer dry touch sunscreen.

Are Neutrogena products chemical free?

Neutrogena products are paraben-free, and one of the most reliable skin care brands recommended by dermatologists. More than 85% of the ingredients in their products come from natural sources, thereby assuring no harmful effects on your skin.

Is Neutrogena moisturizer safe?

Moisturizers from Neutrogena are absolutely safe to use and are perfect for all types of skin. The formula is designed to be lightweight to moisturize dry areas as well as control the oily shine in certain areas of your skin. As a result, you are left with smoother and softer skin, with a natural matte finish that stays on all day. Neutrogena products that moisturize your skin are non-comedogenic, meaning they will not clog your pores, and are also hypoallergenic. If you opt for the hydro gel moisturizing formula, it will quickly absorb into your skin and deliver intense hydration immediately. The hydrator ingredient in this product attracts moisture and locks it in.