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LA’FRESH Gold Face & Body Scrub 500ml

La’Fresh Gold Face & Body Scrub 500ml


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Enjoy the freshness of La Fresh at reasonable prices

La Fresh: the name says it all. The essence of La Fresh products are its freshness and natural tones. Find the best suited La Fresh product at affordable prices to comfort and revitalise your skin and hair.

A diverse palette of La Fresh products from

La Fresh products introduce face and body scrubs, hair wax and cleansing cream that are ideal for any skin type. Indulge your skin and hair with the freshness of La Fresh and feel the difference from

Quality, Quantity and Affordability, all in one place.

If it’s authenticity, naturalness, top quality and affordability you are looking for, is your go-to. Find the best quality La Fresh products from our online store and have them delivered right to you with easy payment plans such as cash-on-delivery for your convenience.

Why do you need to use a good body scrub?

A body scrub removes dead skin cells that ultimately allow sufficient moisturizer on your body, unclog pores and prevent ingrown hairs. Hence the use of a daily body scrub in your daily cleansing routine is recommended for skin rejuvenation and protection.

What should you look for in a body scrub?

Ensure that ingredients such as sulfates, parabens, phthalates, coal tar and formaldehyde are not inclusive in your body scrub. The long term use of such ingredients causes skin irritation, discolouration and ultimately skin cancers that are irreversible.

How to choose a suitable hair wax?

There are 7 pro tips when considering your best hair wax.

  1. Assess your hair type to ensure that the hair wax works well on the texture of your hair.
  2. Think about your hair density.
  3. Think about the hairstyle you prefer.
  4. The length of your hair needs to be assessed to determine the quantity of hair wax needed.
  5. The expected duration of your hairstyle needs to be determined.
  6. Know the types of wax that are available in the market.
  7. Assess your budget to finally select your hair wax.

Is La Fresh a good brand?

La Fresh is an American brand offering multiple personal care products that are high in quality as plant based products are used in its manufacturing. La Fresh is dermatologically recommended and widely used in USA by all age groups depending on the product used.