A baby’s best friend

Johnsons is synonymous with exquisite baby care. When you say baby, we say Johnsons. The Johnson’s brand introduces baby care products that are suited for the fragile, sensitive and smooth skin; not just for babies but for adults as well. Lotions, Oils, Body Wash, Shampoos are available in the Johnsons range for affordable prices that can make both baby and you happy.

Best for your baby with authentic products at affordable prices

Simply purchasing Johnson’s does not ensure quality, it is important to know where the product comes from. Essentials.lk offers authentic Johnsons products in Sri Lanka that complement your baby with a lighter tug on your wallet. A wide product range is available to choose from offering the best for baby and you with convenient islandwide delivery.

What are the products that I should use for my baby/toddler?

Johnson's products are well suited for your toddler. Lotions, baby oil, and body wash are ideal for a newborn. Shampoo could be used as the baby ages 7-8 months. In general all Johnsons products are suited for babies.

Is Johnsons a good brand?

Johnsons has been recommended as a good brand and recent dermatological tests have confirmed that the products do not contain harmful chemicals that may pose risks to your baby.

Is Johnsons safe to use on babies skin and scalp?

Johnson’s products are specially catered for babies. Therefore they are safe to be used on babies.

What are the features in Johnson's products?

Johnson’s products are soft and smooth to use and do not cause skin allergies as the products are produced with the mildest ingredients. Chemicals such as Formaldehyde, sulphates, parabens are not included in Johnson’s products as they are especially catered for babies and sensitive skin.