Garnier offers a wide range of Garnier products available online – a collection of gentle formulas made with naturally derived ingredients that work perfectly well as daily cleansers, moisturizes, and masks to reveal clean and glowing skin. Included in our range of Garnier products Sri Lanka are some fun and interesting kids shampoos with an irresistible fragrance! We also have a variety of face masks, hair styling gels, body lotions, toners, makeup removers, and more cleansing solutions as part of our Garnier products online.

Is Garnier products good for skin?

Garnier skin care products are developed with gentle formulas and natural ingredients that leave all skin types looking healthy and fresh. Garnier products online provide facial cleansers that cater to the unique needs of every face, skin type, and lifestyle. Body lotions and moisturizers keep your skin hydrated and refine your complexion by diminishing pores, blemishes and other such imperfections. These formulas also boost radiance on your skin, brightening and smoothening it with the power of antioxidants. also provides anti-aging Garnier products Sri Lanka such as face masks and creams that reduce the appearance of fine lines, fatigue and wrinkles, thereby making your complexion look younger and refreshed!

Are Garnier hair products sulfate free?

If you are looking for mild hair care products, Garnier has a range of shampoos that are sulfate free. Some of these include the Garnier Fructis Pure Clean, Curl Nourish, Fall Fight, Moisture Look, Grow Strong, and the Garnier Whole Blends collection of shampoos.

Does Garnier help hair growth?

The protein in your hair is what gives it the strength. Garnier products online are designed with Paraben-free formulas, with a unique combination of citrus protein, fruit and plant derived extracts, and Vitamins B3 & B6, which most certainly encourages healthier and stronger hair growth.

Which Garnier cream is best?

Some people have oily skin, some have flaking skin, some have a combination of both. While no two people have the same skin type, everyone’s skin will fit into a certain category of skin types. When deciding which Garnier cream is best for you, recommends studying your skin type first.

  • Normal skin – not too oily, not too dry, few imperfections, barely visible pores, and can change due to environmental factors. Choose a light, non-greasy cream to maintain normal moisture balance on your skin.
  • Dry skin – has a lot of areas on your face that does not have oil. In this case, use a product with more staying power and hydrating ingredients that traps moisture and keeps the dry skin moisturized all day long.
  • Oily skin – has a lot of areas that are too oily. Use moisturizers that won’t block pores, particularly if you are prone to blackheads and whiteheads.

Finding the right moisturizer can be difficult and may require trial and error. would suggest that you start with sample sizes until you find one that you like.