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Cantu Acai Berry Curl Activator Revitalizing  355ml
Cantu Shea Butter Natural Hair Coconut Curling Cream 340g
Cantu Shea Butter Moisturizing Curl Activator Cream 355ml
Cantu Guava Scalp Relief Conditioner For Natural Curls,Coils& Waves 400ml
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Cantu Guava & Ginger Helps Retain Lengh Hair Lotion 354ml

Cohesive curl care at considerable prices

You think curls, we say Cantu. With years of expertise under their belt, Cantu is highly recommended for treating and styling curly hair. While Cantu product prices in Sri Lanka are deemed to be on the higher-end, offers Cantu products at affordable prices to tame and style your curly hair.

A wide range of Cantu products just for you

Curly hair deserves and requires special treatment. Cantu product range includes Shea Butter Hair Curling Cream, Grapeseed curl activator, curl revitaliser, curl conditioner and repair cream that will shine and strengthen your natural curls.

Best Curly Hair products from

If you are looking for the best curl treatment products, Cantu is your new favourite. offers nothing but the best with Cantu product range to give the treatment that your curls deserve. With affordable prices, islandwide delivery and multiple payment options, is your constant curl care go-to.

Is Cantu a good brand?

Globally, Cantu is rated 4.5 out of 5 stars by thousands of international viewers. The natural ingredients blended in Cantu products such as coconut cream and shea butter are well known for hair strengthening and nourishment. Hence, Cantu can be deemed a good brand.

What are the vitamins and nutrients that are good for hair and scalp?

Essentially, there are several vitamins and nutrients that affect your hair development. Vitamins A, B (Biotin), C,D, E, Iron Zinc and protein are crucial for hair growth and strength.

Why does your hair need a good conditioner?

Using a good conditioner provides nutrients and strengthens your hair. Further, the natural lustre of your hair can be retained for a longer duration as conditioner provides a protective layer around each hair strand. Conditioners protect your hair from natural elements such as dirt and heat which may damage your hair.