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How To Clean Your Makeup Applicators

Makeup Brushes

We are all guilty of using our makeup brushes over and over and over again – without cleaning them adequately. We don’t mean just rinse in water, but a thorough clean. We realize this isn’t a task you would love to engage in (or waste your time on- you would say) but, always remember, giving your skin the best, it deserves, also mean:

Clean Tools!

It is detrimental to understand that when the tools are unclean it tends to be coarse due to the collection of dirt - a combination of your skin debris and product. This could result in skin irritations that are sometime even irrevocable.

Have you heard or read about how touching your face frequently can result in breakouts and skin issues? The logic behind this is that our hands, can carry germs and bacteria or even dirt that can transfer to our face causing acne or any other problems. So, imagine your makeup brushes:

It can easily be breeding grounds for bacteria!

Besides the harm it can cause to your skin, when unclean, the lifetime of these brushes become shorter than anticipated. Especially if you have invested on some good utensils that you wish to use for much longer. Sooner or later the effects of unclean utensils will start showing on your skin and that is why you must make sure to clean them up recurrently.

Here are some tips on how to:

  • Liquid and cream applicators – Once every fortnight

This includes everything from foundation to concealers and highlighters. Especially those blending sponges that look so unpleasantly brown(dirty!). Just make sure it can be salvaged before you spend time cleaning them, because some sponges can even start developing mold! (yep! That’s right…go check your sponges now.) If so, just discard them right away. If there is nothing of the sort, just follow these steps:

  • Hold your sponge under running water (preferably warm).
  • Use a few drops of baby soap/shampoo (you can use any mild detergent here) and squish it with your fingers to get any product out.
  • Now take a small bowl of water and dip your sponge in it leaving it in, for just a few minutes.
  • Finally dry it with a clean piece of cloth (or towel) after hold it under running water (preferably warm) for one last time.

Obviously, you must let them airdry before you use them again.

  • Powder applicators – Once a month

We mean at least- once a month! Your powder applicators include all utensils used for the application of eyeshadow, bronzers, rouge, concealer, highlighter and so on. The softness and flexibility of a brush determines its suitability for application and when it is caked with products that has been used over and over again, it runs out of its usefulness. Even when you want to get that perfect eyeshadow color, it could be drastically different from what you expected;

as the brush already carries remnants of several different shades.

The cleaning method for powder applicators isn’t so different from the above.

  • Use a mason jar filled with water and put in two or three brushes at once and swirl it. You will notice as the bristles start cleaning how the water starts developing a dark color.
  • Continue this for about five minutes and repeat until the water start looking somewhat transparent.
  • Then using some baby shampoo or any other mild detergent lather the bristles. If some of the products doesn’t seem to go try some baby or coconut oil (it works sometimes).
  • Then hold it under running water and rinse it off.
  • Fill your mason jar again and add a few drops of Dettol or any other mild disinfectant and immerse your brushes for a few seconds.
  • Rinse it again, wipe and let it airdry.


  • Metal tools – Every week

The metal tool we use quite frequently is our eyelash curler, right? Sometimes when it has old mascara stuck on it, it can cause eye irritations and at times even pull out some of our lashes in the process:

We definitely don’t want that!

Ideal would be to wash it every time you use, but if that is difficult given your rushed beauty routine in the morning, consider giving them a rinse at least over the weekend. Use a antibacterial soap to wash and then dry with a piece of cloth.

As for your nail clippers and razors or trimmers clean it after every use. 

So now that you know about the repercussion of not cleaning your beauty utensils, share with your friends so that they too can realize the importance of the matter.

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