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Common misconceptions about vegan makeup and cosmetics

Common misconceptions about vegan makeup and cosmetics

Vegan Makeup and Cosmetics


The vegan beauty industry also referred to as clean beauty or green beauty is the range of beauty care and makeup that is made completely with vegan ingredients. They do not contain any ingredients derived from animals or any animal products. Despite being in production for a while it is only recently that more and more consumers have started to appreciate and adopt vegan beauty as an ethical and sustainable means to makeup and beauty care.  

What is vegan beauty?

Vegan beauty is the focus on using products that are made exclusively with plant derived ingredients and alternatives to animal derived ingredients. The focus with vegan beauty is on the ingredients. It usually, though not always, goes hand in hand with the term cruelty-free which means it focuses on the production by ensuring that the products are not tested on animals.

The rising popularity of vegan products in the beauty industry 

Vegan skincare products are rising in popularity as consumer awareness increases regarding the production process of vegan products. They appreciate that these cosmetic products are made with natural ingredients and devoid of chemicals, making the products not only beneficial but safe to use as well as there are no side effects. 

Consumers are becoming more aware of the drawbacks of cosmetics with chemicals and how they may cause skin dependency. Further when products are cruelty free it means that no animals were hurt, exploited or killed. Even people who do not follow a vegan diet are drawn to vegan and cruelty free cosmetics products because there are effective and of a good quality. There are no side effects, just nature’s own goodness and are not harmful to animals and the planet.

When vegan cosmetic beauty products first came into the market, there were misconceptions and myths surrounding them. People were used to the top brands and were hesitant about the smaller vegan cosmetics market. However, overtime as the vegan personal care market kept growing with more top quality products being introduced regularly consumers have steadily embraced the benefits. Below are some of the common misconceptions surrounding vegan cosmetics which have no basis. 

Myth 1 - “Vegan Makeup and Cosmetics are expensive”

This is not true. Vegan products are extremely budget-friendly with vegan brands focussing on quality, sustainability and being ethical in their production process. There are many vegan brands in the market today who provide good quality cosmetics at very affordable prices. Typically, cruelty free and vegan cosmetics are cheaper than larger popular brands that use chemicals and test on animals.

Myth 2 - “Vegan Makeup and Cosmetics are not effective”

Again simply not true. As with all cosmetics, vegan cosmetics are constantly innovating and advancing to create formulas that are highly effective with high durability and pigmentation. Vegan brands are constantly improving their products which is why more and more consumers are making the switch to affordable good quality vegan makeup and cosmetics.

Myth 3 - “Vegan Makeup and Cosmetics are not accessible” 

Today top vegan cosmetics brands are available in most department stores, retail chains, independent stores and pharmacies. They are also conveniently available via online stores which makes getting your hands on your favourite vegan cosmetics even more easy.

Myth 4 - “Vegan Makeup and Cosmetics come with a shorter shelf life”

If you are comparing the shelf life to those that use harsh chemical preserves, then yes the shelf life of vegan cosmetics will be shorter because they are made using natural organic materials derived from plants. Natural preservatives enhance the life of the products without harming your skin. The shelf life is long enough for you to use the product and but not unnaturally long like those that use chemicals.

Even if you do not understand the ingredients listed on the labels if you find the Vegan Society logo or the Leaping Bunny logo or any other such recognised and reputed logos then you can be guaranteed that the product is of the best quality.

Myth 5 - “Vegan Makeup and Cosmetics are not suitable for certain skin types”

Vegan makeup and cosmetics are made with plant based ingredients sourcing nature’s own goodness and so are suitable for all skin types. As they contain no harsh chemicals, vegan personal care is gentle, nourishing and effective for all skin types including allergy prone skins.

Myth 6 - “Vegan Makeup and Cosmetics are not suitable for professional use”

Thanks to the abundance of good quality vegan products in the beauty market, vegan makeup and cosmetics are more than suitable for professional use. It caters to the growing number of consumers who opt for vegan cosmetics as their preferred choice.

Myth 7 - “Vegan Makeup and Cosmetics lack quality”

This could not be further from the truth, because vegan brands are focused completely on quality and are transparent with their entire manufacturing process. They take the effort to create formulas that are of the highest level and put effort into always sourcing nature’s goodness and the best ways to ethically transfer that goodness into their products. When a brand carries the Leaping Bunny or Vegan Society logo or other such reputed certification, then you know it has been through the most stringent of checks and genuinely offer products of the best quality.

Myth 8 - “Vegan Makeup and Cosmetics lack variety and are not pigmented”

Recognised vegan and cruelty free brands are constantly adding new products to their ranges so that consumers do not have to turn to non-vegan products. Not only do they expand their range, but they ensure that products are pigmented and durable because they are passionate about helping people make a lasting switch to vegan products. 

Myth 9 - “Using vegan Makeup and Cosmetics don’t make any significant impact on the environment”

When each consumer makes the conscious choice to purchase vegan makeup and cosmetics they are reducing their adverse impact on the environment. Vegan and cruelty free products take responsibility towards reducing and limiting their impact on the environment with a sustainable and transparent production process. They also usually take the effort to ensure that their packaging is done with recycled and biodegradable materials.

Vegan products being made with natural plant derived ingredients means that they are good for the skin, because your skin absorbs anything that is applied to it. By using vegan skincare you are nourishing your skin with products that are genuinely good with no nasties. This proves to be beneficial for your overall health as well because no toxins enter your body through your vegan cosmetic products. 


It is time to put these common misconceptions regarding vegan makeup and cosmetics to rest and for more people to start experiencing the undeniable benefits. Vegan cosmetics are on top of the makeup market these days with products that are fast becoming firm favourites amongst the conscious consumer of today.

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