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Seren Cosmetics: Brand Review and Iconic Products

Seren Cosmetics: Brand Review and Iconic Products

Looking to switch to beauty without cruelty in a way that will be sustainable and affordable? Then you should definitely check out Seren Cosmetics, as this high-end affordable brand is making its name in the cruelty-free and vegan cosmetics market.

Product Range

Not only is Seren Cosmetics one of the best vegan cosmetics currently available in the market, backed by its Vegan Society certification for nearly all of their products, but it also makes purchasing easy by being easily available for online shopping. Seren Cosmetics has a whole range of plant-based cosmetics available so that practically all areas of your beauty care and makeup routine is covered. 

  • Seren London Vegan full volume mascara with argan oil
  • Seren London Volumizing Lift and Curl Mascara
  • Seren London Volume and Length Sensitive Mascara Black
  • Hypoallergenic Series Long Lasting Lip Liner
  • Seren London Vegan Obsession Liquid Lip Gloss
  • Seren London Vegan Ideal Skin Concealer
  • Seren London Vegan HD Shine Control Compact face powder
  • Seren London Vegan Cheek rouge HD blush
  • Seren London Vegan HD eyeshadow
  • Seren London Mango Orange Cuticle Oil
  • Seren London Vegan Calcium Gel Base Coat
  • Seren London Vegan Nano Ceramic Top Coat
  • Seren London Vegan Pro HD 14H Matte shine control face powder
  • Seren London Gel Nail Polish
  • Seren London Vegan Shine/Matte Lipstick
  • Seren London Vegan HD Studio Matte Oil Free Foundation


Seren London is an original cosmetics brand based in London committed to bridging the gap for affordable good quality vegan and cruelty free cosmetics. The brand provides ethical products made in the EU that are competitively priced. Being completely committed to sustainable beauty and being deeply concerned about their impact on the environment, 

Seren London cosmetics come in packaging made from 100% recyclable material. The brand aims to bring in a wider consumer base to the world of vegan and cruelty free makeup and beauty care even if they do not follow a completely vegan lifestyle.

The beauty care products are made with goodness found in nature such as argon oil and vitamin E. Other varieties of most commonly used ingredients include:

Vegan hyaluronic acid sourced from the fermentation of plant materials.
Squalane is an effective ingredient that helps retain hydration and is derived from sources such as olives, sugarcane, rice and bran etc.
Vegan lactic acid that improves hydration and works as an antibacterial exfoliant is created by fermenting carbohydrates like sucrose or glucose found in corn and beetroots etc


Seren London products are certified by the UK Vegan Society which only provides certification after stringent quality checks. Strict manufacture and ingredients evaluations are conducted and monitoring to determine that products are not tested on animals and that there are no ingredients derived from animals. The Vegan Trademark helps consumers identify that a product is genuinely free from animal derived ingredients.

Awards and recognitions 

As said, Seren London products come with one of the most globally recognised trademarks, the Vegan Society’s trademark sunflower, that certifies that the products are genuinely vegan.

Seren Scents London is proud to be the winner of the Award for Most Ethical Vegan Skincare House 2021 for the Health, Beauty and Wellness Awards hosted by LUXlife.

In 2020 Seren Scents London was the recipient of the Greater London Enterprise Award for Best Cruelty-Free Cosmetics Supplier-UK. The award was created to explore the role of small businesses as the ‘backbone of a society’s prosperity and long-term economic stability’.

Benefits of using vegan products

Even if you have not completely embraced a vegan lifestyle you can still choose to adopt a vegan beauty care routine because it will help you lead a healthier lifestyle and avoid applying questionable ingredients onto your skin. It is a proven fact that our bodies process natural ingredient better with no side effects. That is why the natural components and ingredients found in vegan cosmetics are safer and better for you overall. Especially for people with sensitive skin, vegan cosmetics contain next to no harmful chemicals and just all the goodness found in nature. 

Vegan and cruelty free usually go hand in hand though they are not mutually exclusive. A brand that is both vegan and cruelty free, is a brand that has opted to be ethical and sustainable and are transparent about their manufacturing process. They take care to minimise their impact on nature and opt for recycled and environmentally friendly packaging. 

Reasons why you need to seek out cruelty free cosmetics

Generally, today we consumers are more aware and mindful of the purchases we make. Cruelty free cosmetics are something that more and more people are choosing as it provides them with the power to make a meaningful change to benefit the planet and themselves. When you choose cruelty free cosmetics you are taking a stand against animal cruelty and compelling cosmetic companies to change their practices to a more ethical approach, to suit growing demand trends. Today, there are top quality brands that are not tested on animals that provide the same benefits and are affordable compared to those that are tested on animals. 

Being mindful of your purchases will help you make smarter choices based on products that are genuinely of good quality. You will curate a range of top range cruelty free cosmetics that are also budget friendly. 

Beauty without Cruelty: Brand Story

Seren London as a cosmetic brand embraces the concept that excellent quality vegan and cruelty free cosmetics should be accessible to all. The company’s vision and greatest strengths have always been an uncompromising product quality and to make it affordable so that more people can make the switch painlessly. The brand has gained a loyal following both locally and internationally recognised now for its affordability, sustainability and genuine quality. The brand is currently available in major super retail chains, independent stores, department stores and pharmacies both the UK and overseas. Placing focus on being available online for shopper convenience, has allowed the brand to be enjoyed a greater number of consumers.

Beauty without cruelty is the brand’s passion and they are constantly innovating to bring even better products to the market and thereby promote a culture of environmental awareness. They continue to provide consumers with effective vegan cosmetics that deliver as promised while not causing harm to animals or the planet.

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