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Hand Sanitizer Price Online in Sri Lanka

Protect your hands and your overall health and well-being with SafeGuard hand sanitizer Sri Lanka now available at To avoid being infected with the coronavirus and any other viral diseases circulating in your environment, regular hand washing, cleanliness and hygiene is a must. In situations where there is no access to water and soap for washing hands, hand sanitizers are the best solution.

Our small 50ml bottles are ideal and convenient for travelling. Whether your day-to-day activities involves sitting in an office or moving around on the field, always make sure you have a bottle of hand sanitizer in your pocket or purse. Whenever you need to clean your hands, just take the bottle out and press a few drops onto your hand and thoroughly rub both hands, fingers, and nails with the sanitizer until it dries up.

Our 200ml hand sanitizing gel bottles come with a realistic style pump and are perfect for placing at the entrance of your home or organization and also on your work desk so you are reminded to frequently sanitize your hands. Organizations must also make sure hand sanitizers are easily accessible to both customers and employees, thereby promoting safe health.

How can hand sanitizers kill a virus?

Ever since the coronavirus pandemic has dawned upon the world, every single person depends on hand sanitizers online for everyday use. The main ingredient used in our hand sanitizers is ethanol, also known as ethyl alcohol, which can effectively kill germs and prevent the spread of bacteria.

Convenience of hand sanitizers online

Alcohol based hand sanitizers include anywhere between 60-95% alcohol content and are presented in varying types of packaging. Our range of hand sanitizer online products include bottles with a simple lid, a spray or a pump style opening. Hand sanitizers are also now available with inviting fragrances to substitute the smell of alcohol. Also, the best part about hand sanitizers Sri Lanka is that they have a shelf life of up to two years. So, get purchasing now and stock up for the long term while offers the best hand sanitizer prices in Sri Lanka!