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Beauty Essentials for Sensitive Skin

Beauty Essentials for Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin requires special care and attention, especially when it comes to beauty routines. From cleansers to moisturisers, serums and also make-up, finding the right products that cater to the unique needs of sensitive skin is essential.

In this guide, we will explore a curated selection of beauty essentials specifically formulated to nurture and enhance sensitive skin. 


Cleansing serves as the foundation of any skincare routine, especially for sensitive skin. The choice of cleanser significantly impacts the skin's health. For those with sensitive skin, it's pivotal to opt for a cleanser devoid of harsh chemicals, fragrances or aggressive chemicals. Instead, focus on ingredients renowned for their soothing properties, such as aloe vera, chamomile, or colloidal oatmeal. These components gently cleanse the skin, removing impurities without disrupting its delicate balance.

The St.Ives Soothing Chamomile  Daily Facial Cleanser is a cleanser that caters specifically to sensitive skin needs. Its fragrance-free formula, enriched with chamomile, is effective yet gentle. By effectively removing impurities without stripping away the skin's natural moisture, it leaves your skin feeling not just clean but also refreshed and remarkably calm. 


Hydration plays a pivotal role in maintaining the health of sensitive skin. Choosing a moisturizer tailored to its needs is imperative. Seek moisturizers that are lightweight, non-comedogenic, and non-greasy. These elements work wonders by locking in moisture without suffocating the skin or triggering any irritation.

The Olay Light & Non-Greasy All Day Hydration Cream is designed especially for sensitive skin and is a hydration powerhouse. Infused with a fast-absorbing formula it offers deep nourishment and soothing relief to sensitive skin, preserving its natural balance without causing any pore congestion.


For those with sensitive skin, incorporating a serum that nurtures without irritating is crucial. Look for serums formulated to calm, hydrate, and fortify the skin without causing any adverse reactions.

Cetaphil offers a range of products for sensitive skin. The Cetaphil Gentle Clear Triple - Action Blemish Serum is formulated with Salicylic Acid, PHA, BHA and Prebiotics to actively target redness and irritation while being gentle on sensitive skin.

Sun protection

Shielding sensitive skin from the sun's harmful rays is vital. Opting for a sunscreen that provides adequate protection while being gentle on the skin is key. Mineral-based sunscreens are ideal, especially those incorporating specific protective ingredients without any potential irritants.

CeraVe’s Hydrating Mineral Sunscreen SPF 50 is designed to protect against UV rays. Its mineral-based formulation, featuring three essential ceramides ensures broad-spectrum protection without causing any discomfort to sensitive skin, making it ideal for daily use. 


Sensitive skin requires gentle exfoliation to remove dead skin cells without irritation. Opt for exfoliants that are gentle and does not require scrubbing which may leave your skin feeling dry and stipped off moisture 

The Neutrogena Stubborn Texture Liquid Exfoliating Treatment, provides a delicate exfoliation process that gently eliminates excess oil, dead skin cells and impurities without causing any irritation. It rejuvenates the skin's texture, leaving it feeling smooth and radiant. 

Face Masks

For those with sensitive skin, opt for face masks that can provide hydration, calming effects, or gentle exfoliation.

Try the Garnier Moisture Bomb Night-Time FaceTissue Mask that is formulated with hyaluronic acid. It delivers intense hydration while soothing and revitalizing the skin before bed.

Facial mist 

Using a good facial mists can help balance and refresh sensitive skin without causing dryness or irritation.

The Garnier Rich Argan Nourishing mist is infuse with organic argan oil and organic cornflowe water to nourish and sooth your skin leaving it revitalized and calm. 

Body Lotions/Creams

Nourishing and soothing body lotions or creams formulated specifically for sensitive skin can help maintain hydration and protect against irritation.

The Aveeno Moisturizing Cream For Dry & Sensitive Skin is ideal for sensitive skin. Infused with colloidal oatmeal, this lotion is clinically proven to hydrate and soothe dry and sensitive skin. 


For those with sensitive choosing make up products should include opting for products with skin-friendly ingredients. Prioritizing formulations free from parabens and harsh chemicals is essential.

Seren London offers a range of vegan make up and cosmetics which are ideal for all skin types including the sensitive. The full collection offers a range of foundations, blushes, lipstick, and eyeshadows which not only contain rich, pigmented formulas but is also focused on the wellness of your skin.At we understand that sensitive skin deserves specialised care. Our collection of skincare products includes a range of gentle cleansers to soothing moisturizers, each product is tailored to pamper and protect your skin. Place your orders now and have your package delivered to your doorstep! . 

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