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Vegan Makeup

Vegan Makeup

While the word vegan is often associated with dietary choices, veganism also extends itself into the realm of makeup. And if you think vegan makeup sounds like plain jane, think again.

With the ever changing and growing needs of the beauty community, many companies are making a mark in the industry by adopting 100% vegan makeup lines. Going one step beyond cruelty free (products that are not tested on animals), major make up giants are also developing more of their products without any animal derived ingredients.

Vegan makeup does not contain any animal ingredients or byproducts, which might include anything from gelatin to honey, but instead uses natural, nutritious vitamins, plenty of plant extracts that help perfect your skin and vivid pigments - which makes vegan makeup just as great as their non-vegan counterparts.

The Seren London Rouge Blush is a highly pigmented blush that is also vegan, with a good color payoff thanks to the vivid vegan pigments used. In fact, they are a 100% vegan and cruelty free make up brand, that have everything from vegan eyeshadow pigments to vegan make up brush collections.

Plus, if you have sensitive skin that is prone to break outs or acne after a couple of hours of wearing makeup, then vegan makeup might be the one for you. The use of natural ingredients like aloe vera, chamomile or even sea weed, coupled with less ingredients than what you would normally find in non-vegan products, helps your skin combat dryness and damage after long wear. This is partly because the products themselves have fewer ingredients to which skin can react to. 

While vegan makeup is not our substitute for the fountain of youth, continuous use does help hydrate the skin, reduce eye bags and even out skin tones. With every ingredient being plant based and carefully selected, the makeup also tends to be of good, high quality, which in turn lasts longer and has a smoother application.

There’s a whole spectrum of vegan products that fall anywhere between luxury and affordable, making it accessible to anyone. Seren London is one brand that has amazing quality and is affordable, making it easier for even non-vegans to use vegan makeup.

With a whole array of benefits available, vegan makeup not only makes you look good but helps reduce animal testing by major companies and also helps you contribute to the well-being of our planet.
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